School to School
Jan 19th 2022

The Secondary School of Viticulture and Fruit Growing in Modra started to publish school newsletter informing the public about the school activities and school events. The school director supported the development of beekeeping by establishing an after school activity – beekeeping. Last year, three bee hives were purchased by the school, in which students, under […]

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EUROPEA – Spain will be represented in the SIA youth contest
Jan 16th 2022

Ana Bing Diego and Sandra Montero, 24 and 20 years old respectively, both from Valladolid, students of Vitivinicutura (VET level 5 of EQF) at the Integrated Agrarian Training Center of San Rafael de la Santa Espina in Castromonte – Valladolid, will be the representatives of EUROPEA – Spain in the contest for young tasters International […]

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Introduction to Serbian VET school Sveti Trifun
Dec 22nd 2021

Secondary school “Sveti Trifun” with hall of residence has a rich history and tradition. Our school is a combination of various different secondary schools – gymnasium, vocational schools oriented towards agriculture, production and food processing and vocational school for computer construction. The school has 92 hectares of farmland (under the vineyards, orchards, greenhouses and a […]

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Intorduction to Servian VET shool Svilajnac

Agricultural and veterinary boarding school “Svilajnac” was founded in 1957 and already has a 64-year long tradition. The school estate spreads over 130 hectares which are under various cultures and it also includes facilities for raising livestock with various breeds, so our students gain practical knowledge in all fields of veterinary science and agriculture, as […]

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Introduction to Serbian VET school Stevan Petrović Brile

Secondary Vocational School “Stevan Petrović Brile” is school with 50 years old tradition. We have 5 educational profiles, veterinary and agricultural technicians on 4th degree of vocational training and butcher and baker on 3th degree of vocational training and from this year we have one new educational profil – dental nurse/technician. The school has about […]

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Growing experiences – Looking forward to mobilities
Dec 17th 2021

EUROPEA school Fachschulzentrum Freiberg-Zug/Germany has been a project partner of ERASMUS+-project “Digitalis” for nearly two years. The training staff could only meet twice in this time and a staff-/students mobilitiy has been planned as a highlight of the project. There students shall experience their digital skills and meet stdents from the partner countries to try […]

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Europea Polska implements SDGs in Europe and Asia
Dec 12th 2021

SDGs are present in many projects of Europea Polska addresses to students, young people and adults as well. A very inspiring project turned out to be “Analyse-act-attract-achieve: Sustainable Development Goals in youth work“, 2020-2-PL01-KA105-082369. This Erasmus+ project arise from the recognition of the needs of partners’ organisations from 8 countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, France, […]

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Effective communication is a building block of successful organizations!
Dec 2nd 2021

EUROPEA Editorial Group (EG) is spending two workdays (1st and 2nd December) at the agricultural school in Petersberg, Fulda (Germany). Their work ensures that EUROPEA will continue to have strong platforms for efficient communication. I am attending for the first time, and I have learned a lot about the work of EG. So important work […]

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EUROPEA is on LinkedIn
Dec 1st 2021

EUROPEA is now on LinkedIn. If you are interested in Vocational Studies in the Green Sector, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Forestry, Landscaping, Gardening, etc. add us to your network! “Alone one goes faster, together we go further” #linkedin #agriculture #network #vocationaleducation    

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COVID does not stop studies in Latvian VET schools
Nov 30th 2021

  18.10-20.11 2021 Latvia experienced lockdown but VET schools tried to go on with the work. At Smiltene Tehnikums (Center of the Professional Education Competence) stock-breading technicians try to manage and do some practical training during the field visits. Fotos of the studies (sheep shearing) can be seen HERE.   Many thanks to Līga Mačule […]

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