Dec 6th 2018

EUROPEA 25 years on one picture! Click on the picture and look what will happen ūüėČ

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No walls in education
Dec 3rd 2018

EUROPEA Austria meets University College EUROPEA Austria, in cooperation with the University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy, organised “Treffpunkt Hochschule” (meeting point: university college) and asked the question: “How much Europe does our green – agricultural VET need?” Almost 60 teachers, principals, students and staff representatives from all 9 provinces participated in this event […]

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Walk & Talk in Retz
Dec 2nd 2018

Flashback to EUROPEA autumn seminar, to Retz, Austria. Workshop “Walk & Talk – getting to know projects and outcomes”. Let’s look back to posters! ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Bakery days in Serbia

The Slava Bread Every autumn, Agricultural School “҆umatovac” from Aleksinac, Serbia organizes an event called “Bakery Days”. It normally lasts for three days and people from all over Serbia and the neighbouring countries come to see the competition for the best ornamented “Slava Bread”. It is a traditional kind of bread made especially for the […]

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Brand new machinery hall opened!
Nov 26th 2018

On 20th of November 2018, the new¬†machinery repair and maintenance hall was opened at Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics (EE). The hall has an area of 1 350 m2. It holds a large part of the school’s modern agricultural machinery. One part is meant for teaching, related to reparation and maintenance of agricultural […]

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Go with the Flow
Nov 25th 2018

From phones, faxes and newsletters to the internet and SN sites   Have you ever wondered how the founders of our network managed to communicate 25 years ago without smart phones, laptops or the Internet? Although they would still have phones and faxes, they swiftly established their very own channel that would assure the flow […]

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Want to become a vine pruner?
Nov 23rd 2018

New qualification in vine pruning introduced in Krems, Austria Following the Erasmus+ KA2 project VITEA the wine school Krems has introduced an international training course to become a qualified vine pruner. The course will be held in December 2019 on school premises in Krems and lasts¬†7 days. The demand on qualified labour force in viticulture […]

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New Life
Nov 9th 2018

Warsaw (PL), November 5-6, 2018: Kick-off Meeting of “Give New Life”   “Give new life to environmental and cultural heritage: revitalization of parks, undeveloped urban and rural areas” is a two-year Erasmus+ VET KA2 Strategic Partnership Project created by six partner institutions from Poland, Italy, Portugal, France and Estonia; three VET schools and three non-governmental […]

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First harvest of saffron at the Horticultural School Langenlois
Nov 7th 2018

Photo and text by Andreas Kovac An old tradition is revived by horticultural students in Langenlois, Lower Austria Langenlois (28 October 2018) Saffron, probably the most expensive spice in the world, is harvested this autumn for the first time again at the horticultural school in Langenlois, Lower Austria ( This valuable Crocus-species grows anticyclically. Flowering […]

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Alpine Farming in Austria
Nov 1st 2018

Alpine farming workshop for students took place in 24th to 27th of October in Lizlhof-K√§rtner, Austria. Students from Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia and Slovakia took part in the¬†amazing workshop. We visited several Alpine farms and tourist places in K√§rtner, Austria. Farms in K√§rtner are very different compared to nowadays farms in Estonia. As the landscape¬†is […]

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October in – EUROPEA – Austria
Oct 31st 2018

Whoever asks the questions: “Why should I join EUROPEA?” or “What is in for me?” could have got the answer during one of the events in Austria. Why Austria? Because EUROPEA Austria holds the presidency from July-December 2018. Therefore, the EUROPEA seminar was organised in Austria. In student workshops you could see only a glimpse […]

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Let’s put our heads together Рthe motto of the Austrian presidency
Oct 28th 2018

The EUROPEA Seminar took place in Retz, Austria from 24 – 27 October 2018 and there were several opportunities to put the heads together. After the inspiring key-not of Walter Wagner (Austria) on ‚ÄúInnovation as incentive for sustainable agriculture‚ÄĚ, the ‚ÄúWalk & Talk‚ÄĚ provided the possibility to learn more about mainly KA2 projects. VITEA, Peat […]

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