Greetings from AUSTRIA!
Apr 18th 2021

This week we received lost of lovely photos and short news from Austria, presenting us with great moments of Green VET school life !! EUROPEA invites you to visit our Facebook page, stroll down these fine posts and get to know more about the Austrian campaign. Don’t miss it ūüôā Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Austria, […]

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National award winner is passing on his skills and knowledge in livestock production
Apr 15th 2021

Since leaving school Josh Brewster has gone from a Level 2 Livestock Production Apprentice to Unit Lead with responsibility for a 4-strong team and 1,200 sows at North Farm Livestock¬†Ltd‚Äôs¬†Bayfield breeding unit, near Holt.¬† It has been a¬†remarkable few years¬†for Josh, who first came to North Farm Livestock on work experience. He enjoyed the work […]

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Success story: 1 year of online studies
Apr 14th 2021

DIin¬†Birgit Steininger   In the top agro university ranking Austria, the University of Agricultural and Environmental Pedagogics scores particularly well with a grade of 1.3. The University of Agricultural and Environmental Pedagogics has been practicing online teaching for several years. “Consulting and education are professions with a bright future. Over the next 5 years, more […]

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School Life Goes on during Covid- 19 Pandemic
Apr 9th 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives of all the people, including the employees, teachers and students of Secondary School of Veterinary Studies in Nitra (SK). Teachers have suddenly lost their audience, classrooms have become empty, the delicious smell of food from our school canteen has ceased to spread and the school dormitory, always full […]

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Greetings from Sweden
Apr 5th 2021

“Hello, here comes a greeting from EUROPEA-Sweden, i.e. 68 upper secondary schools with the Natural Resource Use Programme. This vocational programme has six different orientations: Animal care, Horse keeping, Agriculture, Forestry, Nature Tourism, Garden. The distance between the northernmost and southernmost school is 1580 km !” See the website, watch the video and get to […]

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Happy Easter!
Apr 3rd 2021

Slovakia is ready for Easter! Although students still have distance learning, the vocational education teachers at the Secondary Vocational School of Regional Development Rakovice have arranged beautiful Easter decorations. The school actively¬†participates in the ERASMUS+ project¬†Apply green pedagogy: SDGs implementation by floristry and¬†the¬†arrangements are interesting examples of good practices of flowers. We hope the decorations […]

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Strawberry ‘fields’ forever!
Mar 31st 2021

From EUROPEA member Biotechnology School Sumatovac in Aleksinac, Serbia: Online teaching didn‚Äôt bring us much happiness but it is the only way we can function at the moment, so we try to make the best of it. However, there are things we can‚Äôt do online. That‚Äôs why we decided to send you some pictures of […]

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Short News from Smiltene, Latvia
Mar 28th 2021

From our member, Smiltene Technical School in Latvia: Students of Smiltene Technical School represent Latvia in the European Young Farmers’ Competition in Paris Last spring, shortly before the usual daily routine was interrupted by the pandemic, Smiltene Technical School students represented Latvia, participating in the European Young Farmers’ Competition in Paris. At the event, they […]

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EUROPEA Challenge Cancelled
Mar 25th 2021

EUROPEA Challenge (AGROLYMPICS)¬† Message from the president of EUROPEA Netherlands: Dear friends, I sincerely do hope this message finds you well. After constructive deliberation in which all developments have been taken into account, it is with a heavy heart that the board of Europea-Netherlands had to decide to cancel the Agro Challenge 2021. The main […]

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Partnership during Covid times
Mar 23rd 2021

ERASMUS PROJECT Give new life to environmental and cultural heritage: revitalization of parks, undeveloped urban and rural areas. When we started new projects in October 2018 nobody knew that such high risks are waiting for us just around the corner. Revitalization of parks, undeveloped urban and rural areas is an important factor of economic and […]

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