What is a Heuriger? Or is it Buschenschank?
Oct 22nd 2018

“Ausg’steckt is” …………. it is simply – OPEN! A bunch of twigs has to be put out to show that the Heuriger is open. A Heuriger is a kind of wine tavern of a working winery. You can sample the grower’s wine and enjoy homemade, regional food.   Joseph II, son of Empress Maria Theresia, allowed 1784 […]

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Securing resources to satisfy primary needs

Text and pictures by LFS Güssing . LFS Güssing, located in the southern-most corner of Burgenland, close to the Hungarian border, is organiser of the student workshop “Renewable Energy” 24-27 October 2018. LFS Güssing is also partner in the Erasmus+ Project “Securing resources to satisfy primary needs through sustainable cultivation of rural areas”. Other partners […]

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1st EUROPEA Animal judging competition
Oct 19th 2018

                                                                       text and pictures by Maria Ottenschläger   1st EUROPEA Animal judging competition in Styria, AUSTRIA   The first EUROPEA Animal judging […]

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Oct 16th 2018

text by Thomas Ochsenhofer Austria has 13 Colleges for Agriculture and Forestry widespread all over Austria. Students receive both a general and a technical-practical oriented education. 11 sites are directly funded by the Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism. After five years at the college (or three years of advanced training course) students graduate usually at […]

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Organic farming in Austria
Oct 14th 2018

Text and pictures by Eva Mayer Topographical conditions favour a small scale agriculture, which is predestined for organic farming and high quality production. Austria may be a small country, but far more than 20 percent of Austrian farmers are farming according to the EU-organic regulation, currently on 573.097 hectares farm land. Our country looks back […]

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Education for the diversity of life – Fachschule Kobenz
Oct 11th 2018

                                                                                                                                                  text by Peter Prietl Fachschule Kobenz will host the 1st EUROPEA Student Competition in Cattle Judgement. So let’s introduce this school a bit. The agricultural and forestry college Kobenz (Province of Styria) sees itself as a training center for future entrepreneurs in the agricultural environment. The two training sectors are dairy and forestry. Practice makes […]

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Oct 8th 2018

EUROPEA Austria was founded in 1997 and has since worked diligently to provide all kinds of services to its members. It is supported by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, the provincial governments of and agricultural education departments. Representatives of these institutions are also board members of EUROPEA Austria. In EUROPEA Austria almost 70 agricultural schools […]

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A Sunday treat and childhood memories ….
Oct 5th 2018

I remember when growing up special pastries were baked for special religious festivals and holidays. Very often these were made with yeast dough. I liked to help my grandmother who was a really good cook. I had my own apron and flour up to my hairline (at least that’s what people told me!). Later on […]

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Rural Youth Austria
Oct 3rd 2018

Text and pictures by Barbara Sterkl Rural Youth Austria (Landjugend Österreich) is a member of EUROPEA Austria. Who are we? Landjugend is Austria’s largest rural youth organization with almost 90,000 members. We have positioned ourselves as a modern youth organization which is aware of its agricultural roots. The personal development of young people takes centre […]

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Austria – stereotypes versus national treasures
Oct 1st 2018

Text by Elisabeth Hönigsberger Servus! Soon you will be coming to Austria – but, what do you know about this country? We definitely have no kangaroos, well maybe in a zoo. And not everybody is skiing! And, the blue Danube is – unfortunately – not blue although the water quality is very high. What is there to […]

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