24th European Forum Wachau – Make Europe fit for Future!
Jun 15th 2019

Three days of high-level talks in Göttweig Monastery Göttweig in the Wachau valley, Austria, hosted the European Forum for the 24th time. Numerous representatives, experts and stakeholders from economy, politics and society discussed European matters. How will our next economy, our next society look like? A wide range of topics was covered in presentations, speeches, […]

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New platform for green schools in Austria launched!
May 7th 2019

Need to find an Austrian training institution in the green sector? The Austrian Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism has recently launched a new platform called http://www.agrarschulen.at/. It provides an overview of all agricultural schools in Austria, covering all levels from vocational training to university and shows you the exact location of the school. General information […]

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First harvest of saffron at the Horticultural School Langenlois
Nov 7th 2018

Photo and text by Andreas Kovac An old tradition is revived by horticultural students in Langenlois, Lower Austria Langenlois (28 October 2018) Saffron, probably the most expensive spice in the world, is harvested this autumn for the first time again at the horticultural school in Langenlois, Lower Austria (www.gartenbauschule.at) This valuable Crocus-species grows anticyclically. Flowering […]

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October in – EUROPEA – Austria
Oct 31st 2018

Whoever asks the questions: “Why should I join EUROPEA?” or “What is in for me?” could have got the answer during one of the events in Austria. Why Austria? Because EUROPEA Austria holds the presidency from July-December 2018. Therefore, the EUROPEA seminar was organised in Austria. In student workshops you could see only a glimpse […]

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Hohenlehen – a forestry school with an impressive history

                                                                                                                             by Günther Buchberger In 2006 the Agricultural School Hohenlehen organised the EUROPEA competition in Forestry. Time to get to know the school with its history. The Agricultural School Hohenlehen is situated on the left bank of the river Ybbs between the villages Hollenstein/Ybbs and Opponitz. The castle Hohenlehen was built during the years 1906 -1910. […]

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Let’s put our heads together – the motto of the Austrian presidency
Oct 28th 2018

The EUROPEA Seminar took place in Retz, Austria from 24 – 27 October 2018 and there were several opportunities to put the heads together. After the inspiring key-not of Walter Wagner (Austria) on “Innovation as incentive for sustainable agriculture”, the “Walk & Talk” provided the possibility to learn more about mainly KA2 projects. VITEA, Peat […]

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Together in Austria!
Oct 25th 2018

24th October 2018, Retz, Austria EUROPEA is in Austria! Situated at only an hours’ drive from Vienna, Retz, a charming little town welcomed the EUROPEAns with great sunshine, open arms and wonderful variety of local wines. On the first evening we were invited to a formal reception at the Town Hall and we were taken […]

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What is a Heuriger? Or is it Buschenschank?
Oct 22nd 2018

“Ausg’steckt is” …………. it is simply – OPEN! A bunch of twigs has to be put out to show that the Heuriger is open. A Heuriger is a kind of wine tavern of a working winery. You can sample the grower’s wine and enjoy homemade, regional food.   Joseph II, son of Empress Maria Theresia, allowed 1784 […]

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Securing resources to satisfy primary needs

Text and pictures by LFS Güssing . LFS Güssing, located in the southern-most corner of Burgenland, close to the Hungarian border, is organiser of the student workshop “Renewable Energy” 24-27 October 2018. LFS Güssing is also partner in the Erasmus+ Project “Securing resources to satisfy primary needs through sustainable cultivation of rural areas”. Other partners […]

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1st EUROPEA Animal judging competition
Oct 19th 2018

                                                                       text and pictures by Maria Ottenschläger   1st EUROPEA Animal judging competition in Styria, AUSTRIA   The first EUROPEA Animal judging […]

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Oct 16th 2018

text by Thomas Ochsenhofer Austria has 13 Colleges for Agriculture and Forestry widespread all over Austria. Students receive both a general and a technical-practical oriented education. 11 sites are directly funded by the Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism. After five years at the college (or three years of advanced training course) students graduate usually at […]

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Organic farming in Austria
Oct 14th 2018

Text and pictures by Eva Mayer Topographical conditions favour a small scale agriculture, which is predestined for organic farming and high quality production. Austria may be a small country, but far more than 20 percent of Austrian farmers are farming according to the EU-organic regulation, currently on 573.097 hectares farm land. Our country looks back […]

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