ASAP – many new experiences were gained by agricultural students
Nov 14th 2022

Thanks to the project “ASAP” – The agricultural students are preparing for Industry 4.0 Our society has been lately embodied in the new industrial revolution, so called the fourth industrial […]

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Visiting Colleagues in Sweden
Jun 15th 2022

Students of the 3rd year of the Agricultural College and Agricultural Secondary School Benešov visited a partner agricultural school Munkagårdsgymnasiet, located in the Halland region of Sweden, south of the […]

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What is new in the project European platform for urban greening?
Feb 19th 2022

Welcome to EPLUG – European platform for urban greening! We are proud partners of this green project! The project aims to increase the knowledge and skills required to address climate […]

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The Czech Agricultural School is ready to educate students in the field of precision agriculture!
Feb 14th 2022

Do you know what precision agriculture is and what are the main benefits of it? Precision agriculture is a new trend in economical and environmentally friendly farming. Its main principle […]

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An Unusual Academic Year
Aug 6th 2021

From the Czech Republic This school year was definitely different due to the Covid pandemic. Students and teachers have been in contact mostly only through online platforms and all terms […]

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There is a growing interest in studying at vocational schools!
Jul 21st 2021

Good news from the Czech Republic! This year we have noticed double interest in studying at our secondary vocational school. Traditionally, most children enroll in veterinary and equine fields, but […]

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News from Benesov (CZ)!
May 6th 2021

News from EUROPEA member school Benesov, The Czech Republic: Veterinary Assistant We would like to introduce  a new unique field of study at our Agricultural College and Secondary Agricultural  School […]

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“Hunting with my dad”
May 4th 2021

Katka Vlková – 3rd year – a student of Veterinary technician One of the greatest experience happened to me and my dad on Monday, April 19th. My dad is a […]

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An Aviary Full of Parrotts
Apr 30th 2021

This lovely story comes from Tomáš Jankovský, a 3rd-year student of Agriculture (CZ) Last summer I had a part-time job on a farm. Since I like animals and I like […]

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Christmas Cribs
Dec 12th 2019

Horticulture students gain new practical experiences The students of the second and third year of horticultural studies at Agricultural School in Benesov had the honour to take part in the […]

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Open Doors in Czech Republic
Sep 15th 2019

Agricultural schools open their doors for the general public For the new school year agricultural schools in the Czech Republic regularly prepare a lot of interesting events for  pupils of […]

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Agroolympics for elementary schools pupils
Jul 28th 2019

The 2nd year of Agroolympics for elementary school pupils was arranged at Agricultural College and Agricultural School in Benesov at the end of June 2019. Four-member-teams competed in eleven disciplines that […]

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