An Unusual Academic Year
Aug 6th 2021

From the Czech Republic This school year was definitely different due to the Covid pandemic. Students and teachers have been in contact mostly only through online platforms and all terms have been postponed. The same was true for the final and graduation exams. Despite all the complications, most students managed to successfully complete their studies […]

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There is a growing interest in studying at vocational schools!
Jul 21st 2021

Good news from the Czech Republic! This year we have noticed double interest in studying at our secondary vocational school. Traditionally, most children enroll in veterinary and equine fields, but classes focused on traditional agriculture and horticulture have also been completed, both four-year and three-year study programs. So, it is clear that from September, the […]

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News from Benesov (CZ)!
May 6th 2021

News from EUROPEA member school Benesov, The Czech Republic: Veterinary Assistant We would like to introduce  a new unique field of study at our Agricultural College and Secondary Agricultural  School called Veterinary Assistant, which we are going to open since the school year 2021/2022. The field of study is intended for graduates with a high […]

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“Hunting with my dad”
May 4th 2021

Katka Vlková – 3rd year – a student of Veterinary technician One of the greatest experience happened to me and my dad on Monday, April 19th. My dad is a hunter and I am an aspirant waiting for exams. We go to the forest together. During the week we go to feed wild animals and […]

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An Aviary Full of Parrotts
Apr 30th 2021

This lovely story comes from Tomáš Jankovský, a 3rd-year student of Agriculture (CZ) Last summer I had a part-time job on a farm. Since I like animals and I like to take care of them, one day I came to my boss and he asked me to come with him and see something. We went […]

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Christmas Cribs
Dec 12th 2019

Horticulture students gain new practical experiences The students of the second and third year of horticultural studies at Agricultural School in Benesov had the honour to take part in the decoration of the Christmas cribs that are traditionally exhibited in the Regional Museum in Benesov. They found the inspiration in this year´s trends for Christmas decoration. […]

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Open Doors in Czech Republic
Sep 15th 2019

Agricultural schools open their doors for the general public For the new school year agricultural schools in the Czech Republic regularly prepare a lot of interesting events for  pupils of primary schools, kindergarten children and also for the general public. Traditional days of open doors, which are organized for the youngsters interested in agricultural studies, […]

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Agroolympics for elementary schools pupils
Jul 28th 2019

The 2nd year of Agroolympics for elementary school pupils was arranged at Agricultural College and Agricultural School in Benesov at the end of June 2019. Four-member-teams competed in eleven disciplines that copied the branches of studies at agricultural schools. We met a lot of pupils interested in agricultural, horticultural and veterinary disciplines. We hope this competition […]

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Competition time!
May 9th 2019

Competition for Agricultural Secondary School Students “League of Agricultural Schools” Show jumping is one of the many equestrian disciplines and competitions. It is definitely a fantastic sport that is enjoyed by many people all over the Word. And it is popular among agricultural schools students as well. And for them was held show jumping competition […]

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10 reasons to visit Czech Republic
Feb 26th 2019

10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD VISIT THE CZECH REPUBLIC 1. Beautiful nature, interesting places 2. Lot of castles, nice architecture, rich history 3. Long tradition of spa – spa towns like Karlovy Vary, Mariánské lázně, Františkovy lázně and many others 4. Good quality beer and lovely meal – very typical is “svíčková! (marinatedsirlon steak with […]

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Let us introduce…
Feb 24th 2019

LET US INTRODUCE ONE OF THE SUCCESFULL PROJECTS THAT WE HAVE REALISED WITH OUR EUROPEAN PARTNERS Learning Agriculture by Comparison of Agricultural Production in Partner Schools 2016-1-CZ01-KA202-023884 General Introduction Students from partner schools have for several times visited various European countries EU in short time and they never had any chance to compare real conditions of farming […]

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Student competition and other activities
Feb 20th 2019

Student competition in theoretical and practical agricultural disciplines was held at Agricultural College and Agricultural Secondary School in Benesov on 19th and 20th April 2018. 25 students of agricultural school from the Czech Republic compared their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in crop production, animal breeding, mechanization, economics and tractor driving as well. Agroolympics for elementary schools […]

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