Hoof trimming – pedicure for dairy cows


Approximately 559.000 dairy cows live in Denmark, and a high yielding dairy cow needs frequent hoof trimming (2-4 times per lactation). That adds up to millions of hoof trimmings every […]

HU and DK: Growing Experiences TOGETHER!

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The cooperation within EUROPEA between Green Academy, Aarhus (DK) and KMASZC, Budapest (HU) is quite unique. They started “growing experiences” together almost ten years ago! With the help of ERASMUS+ […]

Hands on experience in Ireland or Iceland

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In the weeks 42-44 Dalum Landbrugsskole has 34 agricultural students aged 16-17 experiencing the culture, language and working life in Ireland and on Iceland. The students live at farms across […]

Inspiring trip to France


Inspiring trip to France – two Danish teachers return with a lot of inspiration 🙂   Bent Laier and Mogens Toft from North Jutlands Agricultural School, visited France to investigate […]

Erasmus+ offers mobility and cooperation opportunities!

Good Pollinators

  Teachers from Green Academy Aarhus in Denmark with close collaboration with 12 teachers and 42 students from WorldSkills Romania  have been working on a Good Pollinators and Green Walls courses as a part of EPLUG project (Erasmus+ Key Action 3). […]

Sustainable Intensification in Dairy Farming

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Yesterday 10/09/2021, Louise Højsgaard-Mikkelsen, dairy teacher at Bygholm Agricultural College (DK), conducted an international online seminar: Sustainable Intensification in Dairy Farming. Louise highlighted key points in the Danish strategy for […]

September 10 >> Online seminar for dairy farmers !!

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You are invited for an online (ZOOM) event on Friday 10th September 12.00-14.00 (Copenhagen time): “Sustainable Intensification in Dairy Farming: A Pathway for Maximizing Output in Belarus’ Dairy Farms” The aim […]

EUROPEA DK stays in touch with its members

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EUROPEA DK does everything to keep in touch with its members !! This year, the annual meeting for Agriculture Educations will be held from 19 – 20 of August at […]

Sowing Barley with Robotti!

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Denmark is known for its use of technology and today the students at Gråsten Landbrugsskole were introduced to next step of technology in field work. Gråsten Landbrugsskole was visited by […]

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