A curious international exchange in the 19th century
Oct 25th 2020

As part of his studies at the agricultural university in Frederiksberg (Denmark), Stephan Nyeland received a grant in 1870 for a study trip to England with a stopover at the horticultural school in Vilvoorde (Belgium). Impressed by his visit to the horticultural school in Vilvoorde, he decides on his return to apply for a second […]

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The EU and the Green Week
Sep 26th 2020

Asmildkloster Agricultural School and Central Region Denmark held Green Week together, which was an event made by the EU Commission. The theme of the day of Green Week was multifunctional land distribution, which is a part of working with preservation of drinking water and protecting biodiversity. Central Region Denmark gave a few presentations on protection […]

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Agricultural Centres of Vocational Excellence – Will you join us?
Sep 24th 2020

Four Danish agricultural colleges are searching European partners for a project idea based on the “Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE)”-approach. The CoVE-approach will become a KA2-priority in the new ERASMUS-programme. Vocational excellence means going beyond what VET would normally be expected to do. We are four colleges in the Business Region Aarhus, the Danish hot […]

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EUROPEA-Denmark Free Webinars available !!
Aug 15th 2020

EUROPEA Denmark would like to invite everybody in Europe who is interested in joining two webinars on Wednesday 19 August !! “Dear European colleagues, EUROPEA Denmark invite you to join two webinars to be held on Wednesday 19 August. They are conducted in English and the topics covered are relevant to many throughout Europe. So […]

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GA in Denmark
Feb 21st 2020

News from Denmark EUROPEA-Denmark had a successful General Assembly on Thursday 6 February. Three members of the board were re-elected and financial report 2019 and a new budget 2020 approved. Chairman of EUROPEA-Denmark will continue (Anders H. Nielsen, ahn@bygholm.dk) and same will national coordinator (Karolina Sikala, ksi@ju.dk). In the annual report you will see that […]

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Teaching for the Future
Jan 29th 2020

STEM in farmers education – teaching for the future Two Danish EUROPEA members schools are working together in a project about STEM in vocational education for farmer students. Teachers are developing and training new ways to integrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in their teaching. Students are challenged with real life problems and have to […]

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EUKID – News from Denmark!
Jan 25th 2020

European knowledge in Danish green vocational education (EUKID)   A grant from ERASMUS+ (2019-21) allows EUROPEA Denmark to support 40 teachers and other staff members to travel and acquire new European knowhow. The core activity is job-shadowing visits lasting two or three days + travel. Participants travel in groups of two or three persons. Only […]

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Nothing is Impossible!
Jan 20th 2020

‘’Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible” From Green Academy in Denmark to California in USA In Denmark, we have a program called DK-USA. DK-USA program is a collaboration between Denmark and the United States in the field of vocational education. The purpose of the DK-USA program is to support cooperation in vocational […]

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Kalo Students on ERASMUS Mission
Jan 10th 2020

This entry comes to you from Kalo Organic School in Denmark and our teacher colleague, Florence: “Through Erasmus + program, last year I had 5 students on internship abroad. They have been to Iceland, Spain, Norway and France. Learning and working abroad is a great experience, reflecting about own culture and learning both language, culture […]

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A Week in Green Academy
Dec 5th 2019

A Week in Green Academy Once, there was a chance for young Estonian florists, gardeners and landscapers from Räpina School of Horticulture to go to Green Academy in Beder, Denmark for one week. This week was full of new information – people, activities, workshops, excursions – a lot to take in! Future gardeners learned theoreticaly […]

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Nordplus at Green Academy
Nov 25th 2019

Green Academy will organise a workshop for students from 4 different countries (Estonia, Finland, Denmark and Iceland) in Denmark. Students will have workshop from Monday to Friday about the following: Through practical training, the Landscaping workshop will give the participants the opportunity to work with old danish cobble-stones pavings and wood work (Tuesday, Wednesday and […]

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EUROPEA Partners in a New Project!
Nov 1st 2019

ASAP – Agricultural students are preparing for Industry 4.0, KA2 Erasmus+ project Four EUROPEA schools from four different countries are preparing students for Industry 4.0. Project coordinator: Vyssi odborna skola a Stredni zemedelska skola, Benesov, Mendelova 131 from Czech Republic. Participants: Jordbrugets Uddannelsescenter Århus (Green Academy) Denmark, Easton & Otley College, Norwich, UK, Munkagårdsgymnasiet, Sweden. […]

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