Sowing Barley with Robotti!
May 1st 2021

Denmark is known for its use of technology and today the students at Gråsten Landbrugsskole were introduced to next step of technology in field work. Gråsten Landbrugsskole was visited by AgroIntelli, which is a company developing agricultural robots for different tasks in the field. The company brought their robot Robotti that sowed 1 ha of […]

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That’s why I also teach at FarmingAcademy!
Apr 25th 2021

Pia Schmidt Knudsen is a daily teacher at an agricultural school. Now she wants to bring her knowledge of pig production to those who do not have the same access to knowledge as Danes. Article by Pia Schmidt Knudsen, lecturer in pig science at North Jutland Agricultural School, Lundbæk and member of The World’s Best […]

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News from Denmark: old and new!
Apr 23rd 2021

Our friends from Green Academy, Aarhus, Denmark are building a new dormitory for the Danish and also international students. !! They hope that the new construction will be completed in the summer of 2022. We look forward to welcoming the students to the new buildings !! But before construction can begin, we must first make […]

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Virtual International Exchange
Mar 15th 2021

12 March 2021, Green Academy, DK  Wellantcollege NL, Green Academy DK and Hawkeye Community College, US connected their students to discuss different topics related to student culture, daily life and their profession. They just had a first online meeting, where 26 students and 6 teachers have been introduced to each other. In order to activate […]

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News from Denmark
Mar 14th 2021

On 8 March 2021 the board of EUROPEA Denmark decided to re-elect their Chairman and their National Coordinator. Anders Højlund Nielsen, Bygholm Agricultural College, will continue his third term (á two years) as Chairman of EUROPEA Denmark. Karolina Sikala (Green Academy) will continue as National Coordinator of EUROPEA Denmark. The board of EUROPEA Denmark reaches […]

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EUROPEA Denmark still going strong!
Feb 13th 2021

New board elected – EUROPEA Denmark still going strong! Two strong profiles were elected for the board of Europea Denmark on Wednesday 10 February. They took over the seats after Niels Erik Jespersen (Dalum Agricultural College), member since 2013, and Florence Bedoin (Kalo Organic Agricultural College) member since 2017. These two great colleagues had decided […]

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Explore Europe through Virtual Exchange!
Feb 7th 2021

At EUROPEA school Green Academy in Denmark each year around 100 students are taking the short and long internships abroad financed by Erasmus+. In the past few months, due to Covid-19 we sent abroad 10 students only, and we could see that our students miss this great opportunity. That is why we gave them the […]

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FREE Webinar from Kalo (DK)!
Feb 5th 2021

YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE !! Are you interested in following  everything that is happening in organic farming ?? Are you curious about how dairy farmers could keep the calves with the cows and the benefit from it ?? Or just tired of being home and willing to travel virtually and exchange ideas with farmers and agriculture […]

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DK: Climate Neutral Agriculture!
Jan 23rd 2021

New Interreg project in Denmark, Norway and Sweden: “Steps towards a more climate-neutral agriculture” (in Swedish: Steg mot ett mer klimatneutralt lantbruk). EUROPEA member, Bygholm Agricultural College in Denmark is one of eight Scandinavian partners in a new project focused on two major elements in transition to climate neutral agriculture: reduce the dependency on fossil […]

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A curious international exchange in the 19th century
Oct 25th 2020

As part of his studies at the agricultural university in Frederiksberg (Denmark), Stephan Nyeland received a grant in 1870 for a study trip to England with a stopover at the horticultural school in Vilvoorde (Belgium). Impressed by his visit to the horticultural school in Vilvoorde, he decides on his return to apply for a second […]

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The EU and the Green Week
Sep 26th 2020

Asmildkloster Agricultural School and Central Region Denmark held Green Week together, which was an event made by the EU Commission. The theme of the day of Green Week was multifunctional land distribution, which is a part of working with preservation of drinking water and protecting biodiversity. Central Region Denmark gave a few presentations on protection […]

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Agricultural Centres of Vocational Excellence – Will you join us?
Sep 24th 2020

Four Danish agricultural colleges are searching European partners for a project idea based on the “Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE)”-approach. The CoVE-approach will become a KA2-priority in the new ERASMUS-programme. Vocational excellence means going beyond what VET would normally be expected to do. We are four colleges in the Business Region Aarhus, the Danish hot […]

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