Practical lesson in evaluating feed

Students looking at Vector

Evaluating feed is a very important task for the dairy farm, so our last year students tested their knowledge about feed in a practical setting at the school barn at […]

Full pull!


Tractor pulling is popular among many agricultural students in Denmark. Extreme machines and lots of smoke and noise. Every year a group of students at Bygholm Agricultural College organizes a […]

EUROPEA Austria visits Denmark


Agroskolen, a member of EUROPEA Denmark, had the great pleasure of hosting five amazing guest from Austria. Five delegates from four different Austrian schools visited Agroskolen and Herningsholm Erhvervsskole & […]

Europass Certificates to Hungarian Students


23-24 March 2023 A Danish delegation from Ju Aarhus Green Academy travelled to Hungary in order to visit KMASZC member schools Varga Márton, Budapest (horticulture) and dr Szepesi László (forestry), […]

Great trip to Switzerland from Denmark


10 Head of Educations from 8 Danish agricultural schools were inspired after a visit to the Fondation Rurale Interjurassienne, where Olivier Giradin had planned a fantastic day with focus on […]

Hoof trimming – pedicure for dairy cows


Approximately 559.000 dairy cows live in Denmark, and a high yielding dairy cow needs frequent hoof trimming (2-4 times per lactation). That adds up to millions of hoof trimmings every […]

HU and DK: Growing Experiences TOGETHER!


The cooperation within EUROPEA between Green Academy, Aarhus (DK) and KMASZC, Budapest (HU) is quite unique. They started “growing experiences” together almost ten years ago! With the help of ERASMUS+ […]

Hands on experience in Ireland or Iceland

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In the weeks 42-44 Dalum Landbrugsskole has 34 agricultural students aged 16-17 experiencing the culture, language and working life in Ireland and on Iceland. The students live at farms across […]

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