Thank You, Portugal!
Jul 11th 2021

TOGETHER AGAIN! „New Challenges for the Green VET Sector” was the topic of the EUROPEA Spring Seminar, that took place in the magnificent Povoa do Varzim, by the ocean near Porto, Portugal from 23-25 June 2021. It has been our very first offline meeting since the pandemic and the travelling restrictions started. Regardless of the […]

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Bringing nature back into our lives
May 24th 2020

2030 Biodiversity Strategy On 20 May 2020 the 2030 Biodiversity Strategy was launched by the European Commission following the announcement of the EUROPEAN GREEN DEAL on 11 December 2019. “Making nature healthy again is key to our physical and mental wellbeing and is an ally in the fight against climate change and disease outbreaks. It […]

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The charter of EUROPEA is…
Jun 25th 2019

The charter of EUROPEA is…  … a document where we lay out the mission, the vision and the values of EUROPEA. It could be our instrument for Public Relations.  During the meeting in Cluj-Napoca… … we turned our eyes into our own organization asking ourselves what values and “shining stars” WE want to find there, […]

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EUROPEA combines all aspects of nature with learning!
Apr 18th 2019

EUROPEA is THE key player in the green VET sector on national and European level EUROPEA has developed over the year into a full-fledged association with 25 member countries in Europe. Not only the membership has been increasing also the number of activities organized for and with EUROPEA members has been constantly growing. Seminars, student […]

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EUROPEA – our common aims

EUROPEA is the association working for the development of vocational education and training (VET) in the green sector of Europe. In article 3 of our statutes we laid down the common aims we all strive for. Our activities follow these aims and ………everybody following EUROPEA on social media bears witness to our success. Nevertheless it […]

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EUROPEA and its stakeholders
Sep 30th 2018

Who can affect or who is affected by EUROPEA – by our objectives, our activities? Who are our stakeholders? New statutes (2016) provide a solid – internal – basis for the future. What about our Charter? The charter will present EUROPEA as THE key player in the green VET sector on national and European level […]

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The Charter of EUROPEA
Apr 13th 2018

In February 1999 the 15 members of EUROPEA International signed the Charter of EUROPEA, thus defining its functions and characteristics of agricultural training institutions. EUROPEA Austria applied for a project at DG VI in the Commission in Brussels in order to create the Charter of the Agricultural Training. The developing process started in November 1998 […]

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