Back to Normandy!
May 9th 2018

FLASHBACK – 2018 EUROPEA Seminar FR/UK This time we will take you to two great sights that the EUROPEAns visited TOGETHER (!!) in April as part of our regular spring seminar 2018. The Mont Saint Michel Dam During the FR/UK Seminar this spring we had a chance to enjoy a guided tour to the dam […]

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Guernsey Wonderland
May 3rd 2018

FLASHBACK – 2018 EUROPEA Seminar FR/UK During our April meeting in Normandy, we had the opportunity to hop on a boat and sail to Guernsey! A marvellous place and a wonderland of its own. “Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel near the French coast, and is a self-governing British Crown […]

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Apr 27th 2018

During the Symposium of EUROPEA – International held in Blainvillle sur Mer from 2nd to 7th April, there was an opportunity to present examples of projects that are currently being developed or have recently been completed. Among the exhibited projects, the LOASA project and the ANNIE – Aquaponics project, both led by Wellantcollege the Netherlands, […]

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Making “Green Sector” fun through board games
Apr 20th 2018

A growing body of research proves that properly designed team-based board games not only inspire learning, but they also encourage communication, collaboration and risk taking. They empower players by helping them to build self-confidence. The different elements of the game are designed to support a wide range of partaker abilities, and to make them play […]

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Beware of Oysters!
Apr 19th 2018

Oyster fields forever! Spring 2018 brought us, EUROPEAns to Blaniville-sur-Mer in Normandy, FR. Accommodated in the pleasant VTF Senequet Holiday Village, we were only a few 100 m away from the endless sandy shore and the capricious channel. We had sun, we had rain and we had strong winds. It was raining cats and dogs […]

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Lycée Nature, Countances
Apr 17th 2018

2-7 April 2018, EUROPEA Seminar in France/UK The main topic of our spring seminar this year was agroecology. And where else can you learn more on that topic then out on farms and fields? In the upcoming days your editors will try to sum up all that we saw and learnt from our French and […]

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EUROPEA – strong and sharp
Apr 15th 2018

From 2-7 April 2018 the EUROPEA Spring Seminar was held in Normandy and curiously enough, it was organised by two of our member states: France and United Kingdom! With approximately 100 participants from 21 countries it was yet another great meeting with lots of information and nice experiences to take home, this time in the […]

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Agroecology but… what does it mean?
Apr 9th 2018

Agroecology was the main topic of the last EUROPEA meeting in Normandy. There, we could realize how difficult it was to define it specifically. In fact, experts have different points of view about it depending on which area they focus on (agriculture, forestry, environmental resources, etc.). The information showed from specialist speakers in the congress brought light to […]

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