Digitalis and modern production technology in an open classroom
Nov 5th 2021

At Räpina School of Horticulture (EE), students study the cultivation of herbs on the shelves of Click & Grow in an open classroom. The idea of an open classroom was developed by gardening teachers Anu Käär and Katrin Uurman. The sitting boxes in the classroom were built by landscaping students under the guidance of teacher […]

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HUNGARY and ESTONIA together on the rostrum!
Oct 3rd 2021

EuroSkills Final Ceremony, Graz, Austria Sunday, 26th September 2021  This year’s EuroSkills competition was held in Austria and – as usual – many of our EUROPEA member schools took part in it. One of the most heart-waring stories comes from the landscaping field as KMASZC Varga Márton (Bupadest, HU) and Räpina School of Horticulture (Räpina, […]

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Ploughing competition
Sep 27th 2021

Before the EUROPEA-family got together in Switzerland, Youth Ploughing Competition occurred in Estonia. Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics organised a wonderful competition for students and professionals. 8 countries (Austria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Latvia, Netherlands, Slovakia,  Ukraine) were represented in students competition. About the results… The competition had two records – national and international. […]

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Farms open doors!
Jul 23rd 2021

The Open Farm Day will be held all over Estonia for the seventh time on Sunday, 25 July 2021! Järva County Vocational Training Centre takes part of the event. All visitors can get acquainted with the school, the study farm, specialties and studying opportunities at school. In the following photos you can see the moods […]

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BREAKING NEWS! Youth Ploughing Contest will take place!
Jun 18th 2021

  International Youth Ploughing Contest 16 -19 September 2021 in Olustvere (EE)! Registration is open! Deadline is 15 August 2021. Only one competitor per country. Find out the program HERE. Contact   See you in Estonia! 🙂

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In spring, 155 500 forest plants will be planted at Luua Forestry School (EE)
Apr 28th 2021

When birds start to sing in the spring, chainsaws and forest machines will be sent to Luua Forestry School (EE) for spring holidays. Students, teachers, seasonal workers and some school volunteers are taking steps on forest sites to build a new generation of forests. This year, we will plant a total of 155 500 new […]

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Digitalis is not as toxic as it seems
Apr 27th 2021

Cause the pandemic situation the digitalisation is an everyday phenomenon in today’s vocational education. We say in Estonia quite often – Distance learning has come to stay. However, there is no way back. We all have to learn, adapt and move on. Räpina School of Horticulture is a partner in an Erasmus+ project “Digitalis”. The […]

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Recycling market helps to save environment
Jan 29th 2021

Räpina School of Horticulture (EE) organizes a recycling market twice a year (in autumn and spring). It is designed to encourage people to notice how many unused things we have at home. Used things are practically waste for those owners. However, these “wastes” may be necessary for another. Through the recycling market, we can find […]

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Cooperation between Räpina and Bulduri
Jan 27th 2021

Räpina School of Horticulture (EE) is a project partner of Bulduri Horticulture School (LV) in a INTERREG Central Baltic project „Become more competitive beyond Your geographical and time constraints! Aligned distance learning modules in Landscape gardening matching industry needs and providing effective digital learning tools”.  The main aim of the project is to promote landscape gardening industry […]

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Project day in Räpina
Jan 26th 2021

The horticulture department of Räpina School of Horticulture (EE) is preparing for a plant project starting on Valentine’s Day. This is why we initiated the project study day for students that took place on Monday (25th of January 2021). During the session, Gardening students prepared quizzes, developed a concept for instructional videos during the brainstorming […]

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Farmer as a Top Manager
Oct 4th 2020

On 2nd of October 2020, Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics (EE) organized a conference “Farmer as a Top Manager”. This is an event the school has already organized 15 times. The target group is the top managers of agricultural holdings. The topic of the conference was the situation in agriculture and the economy, it’s connection […]

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Grapes from Estonia!

It’s harvest time! It’s harvest time in Estonia! Who said, that grapes can’t grow in Estonia? Yes, they do! Therefore, viticulture is a part of the gardener (EQF 4) curriculum in Estonia. In recent days, students of Räpina School of Horticulture have been busy by picking grapes. Cause sunny summer the yield was good and grapes […]

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