E-Learning Day at Räpina School of Horticultre
Dec 13th 2019

Friday, the 13th is a special day! An e-learning day was held at Räpina School of Horticulture (Estonia) on that day. All students did e-learning assignments, teachers and other school staff engaged in self-development and peer learning. The day began with a robotics workshop where was learned how to program Bee-Bot and Sphero robots. The […]

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A Week in Green Academy
Dec 5th 2019

A Week in Green Academy Once, there was a chance for young Estonian florists, gardeners and landscapers from Räpina School of Horticulture to go to Green Academy in Beder, Denmark for one week. This week was full of new information – people, activities, workshops, excursions – a lot to take in! Future gardeners learned theoreticaly […]

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Farmers’ Afternoon at Olustvere
Dec 1st 2019

Wednesday, November 20th was an extraordinary school day for agricultural students at Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics (EE)! The day began with a warm welcome and a recount of future agricultural workers and farmers (present students). More than 300 agricultural students participated in the line-up. After, warm-up exercises started, led by Riho Kala, the […]

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Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Life: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Nov 19th 2019

We are reaching the final stretch of drawing up the development plan that will guide Estonia’s agriculture and fisheries sector until the year 2030. 13th of November a conference “Agricultre, Fisheries and Rural Life: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” took place in Tallinn (EE), organised by the Ministry of Rural Affairs in cooperation with the Ministry […]

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Nov 18th 2019

Luua Forestry School has expanded its partners network! New experience and new cooperation, not only with Belarus, but also with Russia and already friends with Baltic States 🙂 Just 11th to 14th of November 2019 the forestry competition took place Polotsk State Forestry College in Belarus. It was the first forestry competition in Polotsk. Ten teams […]

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Click & Grow – a unicorn in horticulture
Sep 28th 2019

Teachers of Räpina School of Horticulture visited Click & Grow office in Tartu (EE). One-year long cooperation has raised the horticulture studies to higher level. Students are interested in new technologies, so are teachers. Click & Grow is an Estonian startup, founded in 2009 which has developed a smart indoor gardening technologies for homes, offices […]

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WorldSkills 2019 – The View Through Flowers
Sep 13th 2019

The 45th WorldSkills competition took place this year in Kazan, Russia with 56 specialties and 1300 competitors from 63 different countries. There were 12 competitors from Estonia. From Räpina School of Horticulture, Markus Vainu and Matthias Veski competed in landscape building and Maris Paas competed in floristry. Maris had to do 9 works this time, […]

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Flower carpet festival in Latvia
Aug 9th 2019

In the International Flower Carpet Competition held in Ventspils (LT), teams from Tartu and Räpina School of Horticulture won the double victory.     On August 2 and 3, the 19th International Flower Carpet Festival took place on Ventspils Promenade. The theme was “Flower Melody”. At the competition, 20 teams of florists from five different countries […]

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Estonian farms opened doors to visitors
Jul 28th 2019

On July 21, 2019, the 5th Estonian Open Farm Day was held. 311 farms opened their doors for visitors. So did the study farm of Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics – the venue of Agrolympics 2020. About 500 guests visited the study farm and familiarised about the school, Olustvere manor, fields, animals and […]

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Minister of Rural Affairs of Estonia acknowledged top rural economics graduates
Jun 28th 2019

Minister of Rural Affairs of Estonia, Mart Järvik acknowledged the best graduates of rural economics vocational schools, the Estonian University of Life Sciences and the agriculture and rural economy field at the Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology of Tallinn University of Technology during today’s reception at the Ministry. The reception was held for the 21st time. […]

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1st HortOlympics
Jun 10th 2019

  The 1st HortOlympics took place in Räpina, Estonia from the 30th to the 31st of May 2019.  The competition was dedicated to Räpina School of Horticulture 95 and Estonia 100. 18 teams from 15 European countries participated in the competition. Competitors had to demonstrate skills in twenty different competition areas – knowing plants, seeds […]

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Minister of Rural Affairs of Estonia bestowed 36 decorations
Feb 22nd 2019

On 20 February, as part of a ceremony dedicated to the 101st anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, Minister of Rural Affairs Tarmo Tamm bestowed 33 Silver Decorations and 3 Gold Decorations to the most outstanding and successful promoters of agriculture and rural life. The Minister of Rural Affairs extended his gratitude towards all those […]

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