Distance lab lesson on Chromatography?

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From BELGIUM: A distance lab lesson on Chromatography in covid times (!!) A distance lab lesson … no challenge is too great for Mrs. Debode and her students of 3 […]

The Young Dairy Farmer Club

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When good ideas could still arise in the pub in pre-corona times, 2 former students of EUROPEA school VABI in Roeselare (Belgium) thought that dairy farmers could learn a lot […]

More from Belgium: ERASMUS experience !

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Here you have a story of a Belgian student on an ERASMUS project in The Netherlands: “Hello, I am Axelle Vanden Berghe, 18 years young and in my final year […]

News from Belgium: Europom!


Alden Biesen Castle, Rijkhoven, Belgium 19-20 October 2019 The National Orchards Foundation held its annual exhibition on old and newer varieties of fruit kinds on 19 and 20 October in […]

Belgians and genetics vol 4

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In 1987 two Belgian professors, Marc Van Montagu and Jeff Schell, for the first time ever realized genetically manipulated insect-resistant (tobacco) plants by incorporating genes that produced insecticidal proteins from […]

Belgians and genetics vol 3

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In the past, draft horses were extremely important for agriculture. The Belgians have also left their mark in this area by developing a very robust draft horse. Around the beginning […]

Belgians and genetics vol 2

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Another ‘bodybuilder’, the ‘Swarzenegger’ among the pigs is the ‘Piétrain’ pig. This variety has a number of characteristics that are valued worldwide in pig production: – Slaughter efficiency of 65% […]

Belgians and genetics ‘The Belgian Blue’.

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Belgians have always had something with genetics. Today we would like to introduce you to an extremely beef-bred cattle breed: the Belgian Blue Breed. Bulls of this breed weigh around […]

Belgians and their beer

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Although Belgians are not the biggest beer drinkers in Europe, they are still known as beer brewers. Belgium is rich in some large breweries, but since about twenty years the […]

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