Special Prize for a Special Partnership


Every year end of March would see talented students of Green VET gather in the lovely town of Kaposvár, Hungary for a national competition, which is named after the late […]

Europass Certificates to Hungarian Students


23-24 March 2023 A Danish delegation from Ju Aarhus Green Academy travelled to Hungary in order to visit KMASZC member schools Varga Márton, Budapest (horticulture) and dr Szepesi László (forestry), […]

Award of Excellence to KMASZC!


Great news from Hungary! On 14th March 2023 KMASZC (Agricultural Vocational Training Centre of the Central Hungarian Region, Budapest) was presented with the Award of Excellence by the Hungarian National […]

SIA Paris – here we come again!


SIA Paris –  the biggest agricultural shows in the world – is just around the corner and young professionals all over Europe are getting ready for yet another excellent competition. […]

2022 – a successful year


2022 was a very busy year for EUROPEA member Közép-magyarországi ASZC (Agricultural Vocational Training Centre of the Central Hungarian Region, Budapest, Hungary) as far as international cooperation is concerned. After […]

Broadening horizons: Hungarian student in Serbia


Due to historical and geographical reasons there are significant Hungarian minorities in the neighbouring countries of this Eastern European state. A few years ago, the government started a program called […]

HU and DK: Growing Experiences TOGETHER!


The cooperation within EUROPEA between Green Academy, Aarhus (DK) and KMASZC, Budapest (HU) is quite unique. They started “growing experiences” together almost ten years ago! With the help of ERASMUS+ […]

HUNGARY and ESTONIA together on the rostrum!


EuroSkills Final Ceremony, Graz, Austria Sunday, 26th September 2021  This year’s EuroSkills competition was held in Austria and – as usual – many of our EUROPEA member schools took part […]

Green VET Summer in Hungary


From Hungary Have you ever wondered what Green VET teachers and students usually do during the summer? Go to the beach, travel for holidays? Well, they might as well do […]

Meet Patrik, a young tomato grower from Hungary


From Varga Márton Green VET School of Horticulture and Landscaping (member of KMASZC), Budapest, Hungary The following account is a short introduction of a EUROPEA student, Patrik Tamás Mayer, a […]

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