Broadening horizons: Hungarian student in Serbia
Nov 20th 2021

Due to historical and geographical reasons there are significant Hungarian minorities in the neighbouring countries of this Eastern European state. A few years ago, the government started a program called “Határtalanul” (Boundless) in order to connect the nation in and out of the boarders. So it happened that EUROPEA training centre KMASZC started organising student […]

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HU and DK: Growing Experiences TOGETHER!
Nov 13th 2021

The cooperation within EUROPEA between Green Academy, Aarhus (DK) and KMASZC, Budapest (HU) is quite unique. They started “growing experiences” together almost ten years ago! With the help of ERASMUS+ framework today there are several programmes that Hungarian students can choose from in order to develop their professional skills in Denmark. × two long-term courses […]

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HUNGARY and ESTONIA together on the rostrum!
Oct 3rd 2021

EuroSkills Final Ceremony, Graz, Austria Sunday, 26th September 2021  This year’s EuroSkills competition was held in Austria and – as usual – many of our EUROPEA member schools took part in it. One of the most heart-waring stories comes from the landscaping field as KMASZC Varga Márton (Bupadest, HU) and Räpina School of Horticulture (Räpina, […]

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Green VET Summer in Hungary
Aug 22nd 2021

From Hungary Have you ever wondered what Green VET teachers and students usually do during the summer? Go to the beach, travel for holidays? Well, they might as well do that too, yes. However, one thing is for sure: they all have to take their share of the compulsory summer practical training. That means lots […]

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Meet Patrik, a young tomato grower from Hungary
Mar 10th 2021

From Varga Márton Green VET School of Horticulture and Landscaping (member of KMASZC), Budapest, Hungary The following account is a short introduction of a EUROPEA student, Patrik Tamás Mayer, a young entrepreneur with passion and enthusiasm for tomato production. Nowadays, he is getting more and more well-known in the country and he is often in […]

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Traditions: Celebration of Ribbons and Horseshoes
Mar 8th 2021

From EUROPEA school, Vácimező (member of KMASZC centre) The reputation of professions often depends on how much money you can earn with them. But there also are other, more creative, ways to make them attractive, to make a difference, make something great and remarkable for your students and their parents. Traditionally in Hungary we organise […]

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Native speakers to Hungarian Green VET!
Oct 15th 2020

KMASZC (former KASZK) Agricultural Training Centre is a very special institution within Hungarian Green VET. They take hundreds of students and teachers abroad for training every year. However, they are also unique in the sense that they employ native English speakers in two of their schools in order to improve their students’ foreign language skills. […]

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Hungary is taking the ECVET route!
Oct 13th 2020

From 1st September 2020 Hungary introduces a big change in the system of VET education. Since 2009 we have learnt a great deal about the ECVET system within ERASMUS, and we all know how important it is. In Hungary, many schools used this system already when organising international programs for their students and teachers. Now, […]

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KMASZC – Change happens!
Aug 13th 2020

This summer Green VET undergoes some serious alterations in Hungary. The system is changing and so does the structure of AM KASZK, one of our most active Hungarian EUROPEA members. Green VET training will last five years ending with a professional exam combined with the traditional Matura Examination. As for AM KASZK, it has ceased […]

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ERASMUS – the Hungarian way!
Jul 18th 2020

Every year EUROPEA school AM KASZK (Budapest, HU) takes advantage of the ERASMUS+ programme, and applies for quite a number of trainings and study visits abroad. This spring was truly exceptional not only because both their KA101 (School Education Staff Mobility) and KA116 (VET Learner and Staff Mobility) projects got approved but also because they […]

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Hungarians at SIA 2020
Mar 8th 2020

24-27 February 2020, Paris (FR) SIA Paris is one of the greatest agricultural shows on earth! Just the pure size of the exhibition leaves you speechless! The huge halls are full of interesting things to see, great food and drink to taste. Impossible to get around the whole site and see everything! As for EUROPEA, […]

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AGROLYMPICS-Hungary Goes for the 3rd Edition
Jan 15th 2020

AM KASZK (Budapest) is one of the most active members in Hungary as far as international cooperation is concerned. Just have a glance at the chart below and see the number of mobilities for the last two academic years. And doesn’t 2019/2020 look extremely good? However, it is not only mobilities that they do. One […]

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