Hungary to Estonia
Mar 31st 2018

It is the last day of March and spring is finally in the air.   The Campaign of Hungary, the country of the month is almost over. There are still so many things we wanted to tell you about our country but our time is up. However, you can come and visit us anytime for […]

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Come to Sopron, HU!

The European friends of forestry related skills will meet this May in Sopron, Hungary. Where the plains meet the mountains young and motivated forestry students will measure their theoretical knowledge in the forest and their technical skills with chainsaw during the 3 days of 17th European Championships of Forestry Skills for Students. On the field […]

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Mar 30th 2018

Ádám Majzik, Doma Maglic, István Bárány and Máté Menyhárt, senior students at the EUROPEA school FM KASZK Vácimező were presented with the great chance to travel to Burgstadt, Saxony (DE) for the 2nd AGROLYMPICS. “We were very excited and a bit worried about it because our preparations were very short.” – the boys are telling […]

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Mar 29th 2018

Since 2004 EUROPEA school FM KASZK Green VET Centre, Budapest, HU has had lots of international cooperation all over Europe. Due to the enthusiastic teachers and managers, the FM KASZK has been participating in KA02 and KA01 project for a long time. Each year they send more than 100 students and teachers all over Europe. […]

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Hungary: more opportunities for upskilling youth and older workers
Mar 28th 2018

The national system of vocational education and training and adult learning, in recent years, has been offering more possibilities for upskilling the workforce, particularly in occupations needed on the labor market. The last reform opened new possibilities to acquire -free of charge- not only one but two VET qualifications included in the national qualifications register […]

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Spotlight on VET in Hungary

VET in Hungary The education system has undergone substantial transformations since the 1990s. Since 2013, governance of schools has been centralized while and vocational training has been reformed in 2015 to offer quality training in accordance with changing labor market needs. IVET and adult training is led by the economy ministry with other ministries having […]

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Vocational education and training in Europe – Hungary

Cedefop ReferNet VET in Europe reports. This ReferNet VET in Europe report is part of a series prepared by Cedefop’s ReferNet network. VET in Europe reports provides an overview of national vocational education and training (VET) systems of the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. The reports help to understand VET’s main features and role […]

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Happy and Horses
Mar 22nd 2018

Rebeka, 19, is not like the other young ladies of her generation. She doesn’t really care for fashionable trends, she prefers jeans and boots, sporty and comfortable clothes. At school, even in wintertime, she would usually wear a plain T-shirt and a big smile on her face telling you that “It is not cold at […]

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Meet Gergő
Mar 20th 2018

This is Gergő, a EUROPEA student from Hungary, the country of the month. He lives in Bugyi, a small settlement in North-Hungary, and he has always been close to nature and animals. He grew up in a farming family; his parents and grandparents have made a living by cultivating the land. Gergő is now in […]

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Hungary and wines
Mar 19th 2018

EUROPEA-Hungary had the pleasure to organize the 5th EUROPEA Wine Championships, which took place in Budafok and in Villány in 2010 and was a very successful event. We had the chance not only to host the EUROPEA students and their teachers but also, to showcase the Hungarian wine culture and our authentic wines. They are […]

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Mar 16th 2018

The Hungarian national EUROPEA organisation was established in 1997 as MASZE – Magyar Agrárszakoktatási Szakértők Egyesülete or in English: HAVE – Hungarian Association of Agricultural Vocational Educational.   It was founded with the aim to provide its members with a strong communicational platform, offer help with their professional work and represent their interests. Today EUROPEA-Hungary […]

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