Spotlight on VET in Hungary
Mar 28th 2018

VET in Hungary The education system has undergone substantial transformations since the 1990s. Since 2013, governance of schools has been centralized while and vocational training has been reformed in 2015 to offer quality training in accordance with changing labor market needs. IVET and adult training is led by the economy ministry with other ministries having […]

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Vocational education and training in Europe – Hungary

Cedefop ReferNet VET in Europe reports. This ReferNet VET in Europe report is part of a series prepared by Cedefop’s ReferNet network. VET in Europe reports provides an overview of national vocational education and training (VET) systems of the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. The reports help to understand VET’s main features and role […]

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Happy and Horses
Mar 22nd 2018

Rebeka, 19, is not like the other young ladies of her generation. She doesn’t really care for fashionable trends, she prefers jeans and boots, sporty and comfortable clothes. At school, even in wintertime, she would usually wear a plain T-shirt and a big smile on her face telling you that “It is not cold at […]

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Meet Gergő
Mar 20th 2018

This is Gergő, a EUROPEA student from Hungary, the country of the month. He lives in Bugyi, a small settlement in North-Hungary, and he has always been close to nature and animals. He grew up in a farming family; his parents and grandparents have made a living by cultivating the land. Gergő is now in […]

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Hungary and wines
Mar 19th 2018

EUROPEA-Hungary had the pleasure to organize the 5th EUROPEA Wine Championships, which took place in Budafok and in Villány in 2010 and was a very successful event. We had the chance not only to host the EUROPEA students and their teachers but also, to showcase the Hungarian wine culture and our authentic wines. They are […]

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Mar 16th 2018

The Hungarian national EUROPEA organisation was established in 1997 as MASZE – Magyar Agrárszakoktatási Szakértők Egyesülete or in English: HAVE – Hungarian Association of Agricultural Vocational Educational.   It was founded with the aim to provide its members with a strong communicational platform, offer help with their professional work and represent their interests. Today EUROPEA-Hungary […]

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Hungary Celebrates!
Mar 15th 2018

One of the biggest national holidays is celebrated today in Hungary. The 15 of March marks the beginning of the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence, which took place in 1848 and saw the Hungarians revolting against The Habsburg Empire. Take a walk through the streets of Budapest and you will meet the heroes of […]

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Harvest Festival
Mar 13th 2018

History Agriculture has always played a major part in the economy of Hungary. It has become a key feature of our history and played its part in forming of the national identity of Hungarians. In the past most of the families made a living by cultivating the land or breeding animals. Generations lived and worked […]

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Sustainable pubs
Mar 11th 2018

Despite their spooky name, “ruin pubs“ („romkocsma” in Hungarian) have evolved into one of the must-see attractions in the capital of Hungary. This emerging movement in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest offers a unique experience. Placed in ramshackle old buildings these freaky spaces have a very special charm with their rickety furnishing, vintage objects and […]

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Did you know…?
Mar 10th 2018

Hungary was part of the Celtic world, then the Roman Empire. Following the fall of Rome, the Huns settled in the plains of Pannonia and gave their name to Hungary. Hungary is one of the oldest countries in Europe. It was founded in 896, before France and Germany became separate entities, and before the unification […]

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Talented EUROPEAns from Hungary
Mar 6th 2018

Have you seen the gorgeous photos in the header? This month our slide-show has pictures taken by Hungarian EUROPEA students and also teachers! They are all passionate photographers carrying their cameras with them wherever they go. And they are : Brigitta Terényi, Bence Bucsányi, Péter Kiss, István Bárány and Ruben Sági – students; Éva Szövérfi […]

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