School to School
Jan 19th 2022

The Secondary School of Viticulture and Fruit Growing in Modra started to publish school newsletter informing the public about the school activities and school events. The school director supported the […]

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Students gain experience
Oct 17th 2021

Our students of 4th class attended the Secondary Vocational School of Agriculture and Rural Services in the Tokaj Wine Region, in the village Viničky for a week. These students and […]

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Flower arranging competition Victoria Regia in Piestany, Slovakia
Oct 14th 2021

Flower arranging competition Victoria Regia in Piestany, Slovakia September 23, 2021   Victoria Regia is the competition of students of secondary horticulture schools, vocational schools and professional florists. This competition is […]

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School Life Goes on during Covid- 19 Pandemic
Apr 9th 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives of all the people, including the employees, teachers and students of Secondary School of Veterinary Studies in Nitra (SK). Teachers have suddenly lost […]

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Life goes on!
Nov 28th 2020

Since mid October gates of secondary schools in Slovakia have been closed again as a precaution to slow down the spread of the Corona virus. Students and teachers had to […]

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Apr 1st 2020

Sad news from EUROPEA-Slovakia:   Our dear colleague and friend, Mr Jan Horvath passed away at the age of 83 (28/03/2020). He was one of the founding members of EUROPEA […]

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Open Doors in Slovakia
Mar 11th 2020

Open Day at Secondary School of Veterinary Studies   In the beginning of February traditional Open Day took place at Secondary School of Veterinary Studies in Nitra, Slovakia. Organised by […]

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EUROPEA students to Kagoshima, Japan!
Mar 7th 2020

Cultural & Practical training in Kagoshima, Japan Have a safe journey, Natalies!    In March, two of our students, Natália& Natália, are travelling to Japan to join the company PRAHA […]

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Doors Wide Open!
Dec 19th 2019

Christmas Day of Open Doors in Secondary Vocational School of Regional Development Rakovice (Slovakia) The day of open doors offered a tour of the school and lots of information on […]

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“My class, My school, My family”
Sep 29th 2019

“My class, My school, My family”- the motto of our school! Secondary vocational school Rakovice is a school with 75-year tradition. It prepares specialists in the fields of agriculture, landscaping, […]

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Smart & Eco Agri-Focused Months
Sep 23rd 2019

Successful  smart & eco agri-focused months in  Secondary School of Veterinary Studies in Nitra. Last few months have been very productive for Secondary School of Veterinary Studies in Nitra, Slovakia. […]

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News from Pruske, SK (2)
Aug 30th 2019

The Secondary Vocational School in Pruske is a school with a 70-year tradition, housed in a 16th-century renaissance chateau with adjacent new buildings, and a large area with a historic […]

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