National passion of Slovaks
Nov 24th 2018

National passion of Slovaks   Mushroom picking is a national passion. It is a popular activity in Slovakia. A widely practiced spring, summer, and fall activity for Slovaks of all ages is picking mushrooms. The most popular are “dubáky (Boletus reticulatus)” mushroom. Everyone knows “dubáky” in Slovakia.   Mária Múdra EUROPEA Slovakia

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Slovakia – Country full of colours
Nov 20th 2018

Slovakia – Country full of colours Slovakia is proud of its rich folklore and folk traditions. Each region, city, and municipality has a unique character and folklore – costumes, music, songs, architecture, customs, traditions, dances and dialects. Folklore festivals organized all around Slovakia serve to present the folk costumes of individual regions. Slovak folk costume […]

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Slovakia- Hiking in The High Tatras
Nov 14th 2018

Slovakia – Hiking in The High Tatras   The High Tatras mountains are situated in the northern part of Slovakia, on the border with Poland. In 1949 it was declared to be the first Slovak national park and in 1993 it was together with the polish part of the Tatras mountains declared by the UNESCO […]

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Slovakia – Country of mineral springs
Nov 11th 2018

Slovakia – The county of mineral springs In Slovakia about 1300 mineral sources providing curative water and high quality mineral water for drinking are registered. There are 21 thermal spa towns built on these mineral springs. Although there is a mineral springs route. You can read more about it from the article. More from the […]

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Slovakia – Country full of wine and friends
Nov 6th 2018

SLOVAKIA – The country full of wine and friends!  High-quality wines are produced in Slovakia where the wine is grown since the Roman era. The Frankovka of Rača is one of the typical west-Slovakian red wines while in the east it is advisable to taste Tokaj. More from the video:   Mária Múdra EUROPEA Slovakia

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