🔎Where are the future Farmers to grow our food?
Apr 15th 2022

👉They are just one videocall away! A lot of Swedish farmers as well as some of Sweden´s agricultural colleges have joined the free initiative Farmer Time in order to inspire and educate children about farming, food production and the environment. Farmer Time helps teachers and school classes to communicate with farmers from their classrooms through […]

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Greetings from Sweden
Apr 5th 2021

“Hello, here comes a greeting from EUROPEA-Sweden, i.e. 68 upper secondary schools with the Natural Resource Use Programme. This vocational programme has six different orientations: Animal care, Horse keeping, Agriculture, Forestry, Nature Tourism, Garden. The distance between the northernmost and southernmost school is 1580 km !” See the website, watch the video and get to […]

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Project AMOOVE21
Mar 1st 2021

AMOOVE21 – Agricultural Mo(o)ve with 21st century skills   Amoove21  is an Erasmus+ KA2 project that brings together students and professionals from five Agricultural VET colleges from Norway, Sweden, Finland and The Netherlands. Amoove21 focusses on three main fields of education: Livestock & Dairy farming Equine & Horse management Animal care   The project kick-off took place […]

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Lucia, the queen of lights
Dec 30th 2019

Lucia Day (St. Lucy’s Day) – a feast of candlelight processions, saffron buns, mulled wine and talking animals. Lucia Day is celebrated in every school at nursing homes, industries in fact all over Sweden also at Munkagard! The Lucia group sings Christmas songs psalms and other songs close related to Christmas.

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Gingerbread can help…

A gingerbread can give an helping hand…  In the following photo gallery you can see different objects made from gingerbread. Theses are made by students and different group of staff of Munkagårdsgymnasiet. The objects were sold at an auction held at the college. However, the money from the auction were given to an organization who […]

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Dec 29th 2019

Every year, in October at Munkagårdsgymnasiet a “Tractorweek” will be held. Each time, students bring their tractors and carry out a parade. Check the video HERE!   Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA Sweden! Video made by Jonas Andersson.

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Dec 28th 2019

The following presentation is about students workshop within the Erasmus+ project ASAP at Easton Otley College in October. Czech Republic, Denmark, UK and Sweden take part of the project. The project focus on advanced technologies in agriculture. Each country is hosting a workshop with approx. 10-13 participants. Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Sweden and Bo Andresson […]

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The Natural Resource Use Programme vol 3
Dec 19th 2019

The Natural Resource Use Programme, orientation Gardens You learn about land, plants, plant environments and the importance of gardens in society. You also learn about biology, technology and finance. The orientation enables you to work in e.g. care of external environments, landscape gardening, horticulture – outdoors or greenhouse.

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The Natural Resource Use Programme vol 2
Dec 16th 2019

The Natural Resource Use Programme, orientation Forestry You learn about forests as a sustainable resource and deepen your knowledge of technology and biology. The orientation enables you to work in e.g. hunting and game conservation, nature guiding, forest machine driver or with forestry maintenance.

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The Natural Resource Use Programme
Dec 14th 2019

The Natural Resource Use Programme, orientation Agriculture You learn about land, water, plants, animals, finance and technology, production of services and the importance of agriculture for rural development. The orientation enables you to work in e.g. rural services, agriculture with an orientation to machines, animals or horticulture.  

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The Natural Resource Programme in Sweden
Dec 12th 2019

The Natural Resource Use Programme, orientation Animals You learn about animals, animal behaviour and the interaction between animals and people. The orientation enables you to work e.g. with dogs, animals in agriculture, as an animal keeper or groom with an orientation to riding or trotting.  

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Green VET at Sweden
Dec 10th 2019

Most of the EUROPEA Sweden schools, with 9.000 students aged 16 to 19, are situated in the countryside with big fields, forests, animals and machinery. The Natural Resource Use Programme is intended for students who wish to work with plants, animals, land, water or forestry. Parts of the education take place at several workplaces for a period […]

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