Introduction to I.I.S.S. Agrario Alberghiero Basile-Caramia Gigante
Mar 10th 2022

Located in the Itria Valley, a breath-taking area well-known for its rural landscapes and cultural heritage, “I.I.S.S. Agrario Alberghiero Basile-Caramia Gigante” is the major agricultural high school in Puglia, with over 1,000 students. The Curriculum of our technical and vocational education consists of “Land and territory management”, “Animal husbandry”, “Food processing”, “Winemaking and Viticulture”. The […]

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In Memory of Giuseppe Murolo
Feb 15th 2020

In memory of Giuseppe Murolo (IT) 12th April last year, a day of reflection on agricultural education in Italy was held in Locorotondo (BA), in memory of Giuseppe Murolo, past president of EUROPEA-Italia. Many political and technical personalities intervened, but above all there were many people who knew and worked with Giuseppe during his 65 […]

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The Social Life of Cows
Feb 12th 2020

The social life of cows: a bellow for every emotion Cows have an intense social life and seem far from stupid. These are the conclusions of an interesting work that appeared a few days ago in the journal Nature Scientific Reports (link to the article:, as part of the thesis of doctorate of biologist […]

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Interesting and funny facts about Italy
Feb 7th 2020

#1 The national flag is green, white and red The colours of the Italian flag represent hope (green), faith (white) and charity (red). Another interesting fact: the flag was inspired by the French flag of similar design. #2 The Italian wolf is Italy’s national animal The animal plays a huge role in Italian culture; according to […]

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Welcome to ITALY!
Feb 6th 2020

Welcome to the month of Italy 🙂 Check this calendar below with very many interesting Agricultural Fair Events taking place in the country of February 2020 !! Click HERE 🙂 Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Italy and Maurizio (IT) 🙂

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Under the Tuscan Sun
Jul 2nd 2019

A group of students from our EUROPEA partner Aeres Hogeschool Wageningen (NL) went to Tuscany (IT) last week, together with their lecturer Jan-Willem Noom to study the landscape, architecture and vegetation. Each student had a specific task in the program, in cooperation with local experts.   Interested? Read on!! Short diary of this wonderful experience […]

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