Digital Nomads
Mar 14th 2020

Why do you have to go to that same school building every day when you have the whole world to learn? Digital nomad, it is a term that you increasingly see in the media. Digital nomads are entrepreneurs or freelancers who do not need a fixed workplace for their work – often because they can […]

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Feb 2nd 2020

Students make unique Rotterdam cheese Students from Wellant mbo Rotterdam have made a unique cheese: the first 100% Rotterdam cheese! They made the cheese at their school in Rotterdam out of the milk from the cows of Floating Farm, the floating farm in the Merwehaven in Rotterdam. Simin Latifi, dairy expert at the Floating Farm, […]

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Wellant to Japan!
Jan 26th 2020

Students from Wellant Westvliet travelled to Japan Last October, various students from Wellantcollege Westvliet travelled to the Aichi Kentritsu Atsumi Agriculture High School in Tahara as part of an exchange program. Japanese students have been coming to our location in Westvliet (The Hague) and visiting our students for years in a row. The partnership with […]

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Did you know…? vol 13
Nov 30th 2019

Did you know… Dutchman wins prestigious World Food Prize! The World Food Prize, called the ‘Nobel Prize for Food and Agriculture,’ aims to mobilize action to solve food-related issues facing the world. The 2019 winner of the World Food Prize is Simon Groot (84), sixth generation seed breeder and founder of East-West Seed. Simon was […]

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Sri Lankan Dairy Sector To Benefit From Dutch Partnership
Nov 29th 2019

The consortium Sri Lankan Dutch Dairy Solutions (SDDS), coordinated by Wellantcollege, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Peradeniya and Sri Lanka Association of Animal Production (SLAAP). The partners have formally joined forces to establish a Dairy Training Centre in Sri Lanka. All parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding on November 22nd, […]

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Did you know…? vol 12
Nov 27th 2019

Did you know…? The impact price 2019 went to… Our world cannot do without green solutions. The Dutch green sector is at the forefront of this. Students within the green education come up with creative solutions and make the difference with great projects. A team of students from Terra, mbo Meppel, joins this challenge with […]

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Did you know…? vol 11

Did you know…? About the Cooperation Romania and the Netherlands: Development Partnerships and Contribution to Circular Agriculture In September 2019, a delegation from the Dutch ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Wageningen University, van Hall Larenstein, Nordwin College, Zone College and Terra visited the Indraga in Bucharest, Romania, to discuss the possibilities of cooperation on […]

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Did you know…? vol 9
Nov 22nd 2019

Did you know…? The emoji map of The Netherlands went viral. Can you guess which country? Mathieu van Woerkom recently started a new hype with his ‘emoji map’. The idea is very simple: every emoticon stands for something the area is known for. For example, there are parasols along the coast, a tree in national […]

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Did you know…? vol 8
Nov 20th 2019

Did you know…? Developing the province Northeast Brabant into a leading region in agrifood In AgriFood Capital industry, public authorities and knowledge institutes collaborate to achieve growth and innovation in agrifood. Together we are creating a smarter, healthier and more sustainable world for tomorrow. More to read HERE. Brandmovie AgriFood Capital English version from AgriFood […]

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Did you know…? vol 7
Nov 19th 2019

Did you know… Eating fries while improving the Dutch soil. It’s possible! Nature-inclusive and large-scale, good for soil and farmers? FoodUp! Brabant and precision farmer Jacob van den Borne launch the Fries Precise. Have a taste of our delicious fries made from potato, sweet potato and parsnip. Grown on a colorful field in alternating patches […]

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Did you know…? vol 6
Nov 18th 2019

Did you know… Dutch student-teachers active in EUROPEA schools Six teacher training students from Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen (previously known as Stoas) taught for two weeks in EUROPEA schools, mid-October 2019. Two students went to Austria to teach in Fachschule Kobenz (supervised by Peter Prietl). Another pair of students went to Italy […]

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Did you know…? vol 5
Nov 14th 2019

Did you know…? ‘Farming for the Future: why the Netherlands is the 2nd largest food exporter in the world’ The Netherlands is one of the world’s largest exporters of agricultural and food products, thanks to its innovative agrifood technology. The Dutch agrifood sector is a sustainable source of healthy, safe food that is produced with […]

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